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Cred 2 Bill is a brainchild of Basudhaa Dasgupta who has been working in this industry for over 20 years. The experiences working in small, mid-sized, and large healthcare systems give her a unique perspective of what works efficiently, spot gaps in operations, systems, and processes very quickly. At a point in her professional life, it was either write a tell-all book or offer the expertise to healthcare systems, independent practices and help clinicians be clinicians and serve their patients while they took care of the operations that make these practices run efficiently and effectively. 


The Cred 2 Bill team prides in sharing the knowledge and believe what they give to the clients comes back many folds in terms of growth and success of their clients.

Working with the Cred 2 Bill team, you will always have laughter, a-can-do attitude, never giving up on finding the right effective solutions. When you engage the Cred 2 Bill team, you become part of the healthcare family that will always be there thru thick and thin regardless of the challenges. This team prides itself on the quality of deliverables, anticipating risks, and being pro-active in the ever-changing healthcare world. 

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