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Meet the Team


Basudhaa Dasgupta

Basudhaa Dasgupta brings more than 15 years of Medical Staff services experience in strategically positioning organizations and teams for sustainable growth. Basudhaa has a proven track record to design effective technology-based solutions, execute complex projects, and bring greater process efficiency to an organization in all functions related to Medical Staff services including credentialing, privileging, payer enrollment, CVO – centralized verification services, and accreditation compliance. Learn More

 Sr. Manager, Operations
Nichole Erickson

Nichole Erickson, is highly skilled and experienced Credentialing Specialist and Operations Manager with over five years of experience. With a strong background in provider enrollment and a passion for ensuring regulatory compliance and operational efficiency, Nichole brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Learn More

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Credentialing Consultant
Betty Cole

Betty Cole is a seasoned professional experienced in payer credentialing within one of Montana's prominent health systems for the last 9 years. Her expertise spans a wide spectrum, including general acute care hospitals, managed care clinics, rural health clinics, and critical access hospitals across various government and commercial insurance plans. Learn More

Credentialing Consultant
James Hayden

James Hayden has been supporting both large and small healthcare organizations all around the country for the past 10 years. James not only has a keen eye to detail and a serious passion for patient safety, he also has in depth knowledge of the revenue cycle from end to end, which makes him an asset to any healthcare provider and organization. Learn More

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 Credentialing Consultant
Hope Cannon

Hope Cannon is a Credentialing Consultant for Cred2Bill, bringing over 5 years of experience in Credentialing on both the provider enrollment side and the payor side. Learn More

Credentialing Consultant
Felicia Patrick Thomas

Felicia Patrick Thomas is a healthcare support professional with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare regulatory guidelines, computer system functionality, and the art of building and fostering relationships between providers and insurance payors. Learn More 

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Credentialing Administrative Assistant
Yamileth Euceda

Yamileth Euceda is a former Culinary Specialist who served in the U.S. Navy for five years. Following an honorable discharge, she has dedicated her time to supporting her spouse, who currently serves as a submariner in the U.S. Navy, and caring for their son Theodore. Yamileth is currently immersing herself in learning credentialing and enrollment functions within a Healthcare setting, where she takes joy in supporting her teammates and gaining knowledge from them. Learn More.

Credentialing Consultant
Brandy King

Brandy King is a credentialing consultant for Cred2Bill, boasting over 19 years of experience in the healthcare industry, primarily focused on the Medicare side of enrollment. She derives satisfaction from delving into discrepancies and devising solutions. Born and raised in a small town outside of Nashville, TN, she continues to reside there with her husband and son. Brandy relishes outdoor activities and cherishes moments spent with her family and friends.

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