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Payer Enrollment

  • We work with the HMOs, PPOs, local county payers, national commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid.  We have established a respectful and collaborative relationship with payer reps to ensure accurate submissions of enrollment apps - the first time

  • We have a dedicated follow-up team that has an understanding of the escalation process with each payer. The only goal of this dedicated team is to ensure the prevention of revenue leaks by timely approvals.

  • Reimbursement from payers is based on the first step of accurate enrollments.

  • Our clients have one dedicated coordinator to manage your account from start to finish to deliver on time and be accountable to you in all aspects of enrollment

  • Our bi-weekly reports give you a snapshot on the status of each provider application

  • Our onboarding process has received awards and recognition

  • Some of the functions we take ownership of:

    1. Initial Payor Enrollment for New Provider

    2. Re-credentialing & re-validation

    3. Relocation - State to State, practice locations changes

    4. Merger & Acquisition On-boarding

    5. Rural Healthcare Enrollments

    6. Organizational/institutional provider enrollment management and consulting services

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