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Project Management

  • Our team has been involved in implementing technology-based applications such as mobile communications which are HIPAA and EMTALA compliant across 11 facilities and 3000 plus providers

  • Integrating medical staff services during mergers and acquisitions of hospitals in a centralized credentialing database with over 97% data integrity

  • Implementing interfaces (HL7) from the credentialing  database to all tier-one applications such as EPIC, Cerner, 3M applications

  • Design and implement a compliant CVO

  • Prepare strategy play book for a seamless process from Recruitment to Credentialing to Payer enrollment to Practice setup and support a new clinician during their on-boarding phase of 60/90/120 days

  • Managed projects leading healthcare systems from paper to paperless environment engaging in virtual provider file review and approvals

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