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Is credentialing software the only way to become paperless? Learn More.

CVO - the myth and the reality!
How to conduct a simple Feasibility Study

 A feasibility study is the process of investigating the viability of a health service, whether it is expansion  of an existing operation or a creation of a ground up project. This study is an essential component of the strategic planning process. Learn More.

How do you build new privileges for new procedures offered by the device manufacturers?

Basudhaa Dasgupta, CEO, has worked with multiple healthcare systems and helped develop new privilege sets based on 21st century Fellowship training in various specialties and/or any new FDA approved devices. Learn More.

A sample of Gap Analysis - ACO Client

Creating an exceptional physician experience from recruitment to successful onboarding, from practice development to retention within Healthcare Organizations is critical to the organization's success. Learn More.

Components of a successful provider onboarding and retention

Components of a successful provider onboarding and retention. Each of these components must be vetted to seamlessly work within your culture and vision. Learn More.

Best Practices - Physician Credentialing & Onboarding strategyis crucial to physician satisfaction

While there have been several attempts to improve this process and physician experience over the course of the last few years, there is still significant room for improvement. Learn More.

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